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Enclosed ceramic body with hidden water and electricity supply

With the Cleanet Riva, LAUFEN achieved the feat of designing a shower-toilet that integrates hygiene functions without compromises, yet looks like a conventional toilet. As a worldwide first, the varied shower functions and the multi-level hygiene concept are completely hidden inside the elegant, completely closed ceramic body.

"That is why we have made the Riva as slim and elegant as possible, using the ceramic unibody design of a traditional toilet. We deliberately kept its innovative technology in the background. Only the intuitive stainless steel rotary button hints at the superior comfort and hygiene of the toilet."
Peter Wirz (Vetica Design Studio, Lucerne)

Hygienic and easy to maintain thanks to its rimless shape and the LCC-finished ceramic surface

The Cleanet Riva is particularly hygienic and easy to clean: The ceramic surface is joint-free and finished with an exclusive LCC surface glaze, while the pan was designed without a flushing rim.

Using a ceramic surface with LCC glaze has many advantages: The surface is exceptionally smooth, very hard and almost indestructible, as it is inseparably merged with the ceramic material. Dirt, limestone and bacteria cannot grip to the surface and are washed away when the water drains. This makes maintenance easier and ensures maximum cleanliness and hygiene at all times. LCC has received the iF Material Award for its high level of innovation. Additional details help to make daily cleaning easier: for example, the toilet seat can be removed without tools, an innovation in shower toilets.

A strong but gentle jet

Silky soft but thorough — the full shower jet from four silicone nozzles ensures maximum hygiene. Its temperature, position, intensity, duration and oscillating and pulsating cleaning modes can be individually selected.
Cleanet Riva cleans with a full water jet, unlike Asian or most comparable European products. This makes cleaning much more gentle, as the water is not concentrated on one point but is spread over a larger area.
The water jet can be set to a particularly effective power mode, which uses even more water (up to 5.6 litres/minute) for maximum cleanliness.

Gentle ladies' shower jet with separate button

The ladies' shower cleans the female intimate area particularly gently and carefully, using a pleasantly warm, soft water jet. It is activated by a separate button that is easy to reach. The intensity, position, temperature, type and duration of the shower jet can be individually selected.
In traditional bathrooms, these functions were provided by the bidet. The Riva makes this additional piece of equipment superfluous, so that more space is available in the bathroom.

Thorough shower head cleaning before and after each use

The hygiene concept of the Cleanet Riva includes automatic rinsing of the shower head with fresh water before and after each use to ensure reliable cleaning.

Exchangeable shower head is lowered into the ceramic body with a cover ring

When idle, the shower head is hygienically and safely positioned in the ceramic body behind a cover ring. The shower head and cover ring can be easily removed and cleaned or completely exchanged as required.

Automatic air purifier with active carbon filter

Automatic air purification with an active carbon filter is yet another convenient function of the Cleanet Riva. It starts as soon as you sit down and ensures pleasantly fresh air in the bathroom. The maintenance access for the filter is discreetly mounted under the seat, so that the filter can be easily exchanged when required.

LED night light with signal function

An LED night light at the bottom of the toilet ensures good visibility in the dark and also gives the toilet area a stylish appearance. The light also serves as a visual guide during service work.

Various programmable user profiles

Personal preferences in intensity, position, temperature, duration and type of shower jet can be recorded in four different user profiles. They can be conveniently selected using the rotary button or remote control.

Detachable seat and lid made of Duroplast with lowering mechanism

The seat and lid unit can be removed with one simple hand movement to allow fast and easy cleaning. There are no bothersome cables, as the electronic control unit in the seat is wirelessly connected to the toilet system.
The seat and lid are made of exceptionally hygienic, high-quality Duroplast. Durable, integrated shock absorbers ensure that they close slowly, silently and smoothly.
LAUFEN toilet seats are thoroughly tested: for example, using a test in which the seat is opened and closed 50,000 times. This corresponds to 10 years of personal use by a four-person family.
Low energy consumption

Integrated sound protection

With the Cleanet Riva shower WC, the sound decoupling is installed directly on the WC. This considerably reduces the amount of noise due to usage and functions that passes through the wall into neighbouring rooms. This system meets the extended requirements of SIA 181 and DIN 4109 and was certified by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Low energy consumption

Various energy-saving programmes during operation, very low consumption when idle, and an additionally selectable holiday mode, ensure careful and efficient energy use. The Riva therefore complies with the strictest ecological requirements.



Shower WC rimless, washdown, with ceramic surface refinement LCC

  • Rated voltage 220 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz

  • Power consumption in use max. 1400 W

  • Power consumption in standby (boiler at ECO or OFF, LED display OFF) < 1 W

  • Protection rating IPX4

  • Protection class I

  • Direct connection by NYM cable possible

  • Operating temperature range +5 to +40°C

  • Water flow pressure range 0,1 to 1 MPa

  • Flow rate ca. 4,3 l/min,
    Power mode ca. 5,6 l/min,
    Lady shower ca. 2,5 l/min

  • Shower 7 pressure levels

  • Shower 7 temperature levels

  • Shower duration range 15-20-25 sec

  • Drinking water standards EN 1717

  • Rotary button: button cell CR2032

  • Remote Control: 4x AAA-battery