Ecototal and Ecototal+

Water is a product of nature. Yet because it seems to be in such ample supply, we sometimes use it carelessly. Laufen technology has long been committed to saving water and electricity. For instance, in the form of revolutionary technical solutions like Ecototal and Ecototal+, the control cartridges with integrated volume and hot-water restraints.
The fascination with water, and an easy conscience when it comes to the environment, are thus preserved. In tune with nature.

Advantages of Ecototal
• Intelligent savings solution for private households
• Water and energy consumption reduced respectively by approx. 30% each
• Internal water flow and temperature control mechanisms can be removed at any time, totally independently of one another
• Long service life and low-maintenance
• Already fitted as standard in many Laufen taps and fittings

Additional advantage of Ecototal+
• No unintentional hot-water consumption, since lever starts off in coldwater zone

Flow control Ecototal and Ecototal+
• A noticeable resistance, exercised by the volume restraint, can be felt
• Once the volume restraint is overridden, the full volume of water is supplied