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Vitreous China

What detergents can be used on ceramics with LCC coating?

Please read the manufacturer's user recommendations carefully.

If unsure, test the detergent or ceramic care product in an inconspicuous area.
The sanitary product retailer or plumber will provide information on warranty and guarantee conditions.
It is imperative that you avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents that scratch ceramic surfaces
and hence impair the unique properties of the products and may even damage them with repeated use. Examples include:

-Scouring liquid or powder

-Highly concentrated drain pipe cleaner
-Fittings and steel cleaner
-Toilet cleaner in powder form

We recommend not using such products altogether. Direct contact with ceramic areas, cleaners for drain pipes, fittings or steel should be avoided. Benefit: Thanks to the exceptional minimal care properties of LAUFEN Clean Coat, cleanliness and optimal hygiene can be achieved without aggressive cleaning agents.

Your sanitary product retailer or plumber will provide information on warranty and guarantee conditions.

Is it possible to obtain ceramic products without a logo?

The LAUFEN logo guarantees quality products and appears on all our sanitary products. It is therefore not possible to supply products without the logo.

Can ceramic products be repaired?

Small defects (e.g. glaze chippings, small cracks) on washbasins and WCs cannot be repaired.

Sanitary ceramics are fired at 1200°C. The glaze provides a glass-like protective layer which cannot be repaired if damaged.
What is the best way to take care of ceramic products?

Sanitary ceramics are resistant to thermal stress caused by hot and cold water.

The glazing is scratch-proof, non-fading and non-ageing.
Equally, the glazing is resistant to acids, solvents and alkali solutions commonly found in cleaning agents used in household detergents.
This does not include hydrofluoric acid and its compounds.
Any residues of such agents must be removed immediately.
Please refer to the user instructions provided by the manufacturers of these products.
How can fine silver marks in the washbasin be removed?

Silver marks on ceramics are usually caused through contact with metal, e.g. jewellery or watches.

The silver marks can be removed with a glass ceramic cleaner (i.e. detergent for ceramic cookers).
What is the best way to look after toilet seats, urinal covers and bidet seats?

Shine, colour fastness and surface finish are only guaranteed if the product is maintained properly.

The toilet seats are made from environmentally friendly materials. Sealed and pore-free, the surface finish provides the ideal conditions for optimal hygiene. For regular cleaning, a damp soft cloth is sufficient. For effective, thorough cleaning, neutral soap or mild and natural houshold detergents are most suitable. Do not use abrasive chloric or acidic cleaning agents, since they can lead to yellow discolouration or coating removal. Make sure the seat and cover are up when there are strong cleaning agents in the toilet basin.

Is it possible to replace the automatic lowering system of WC seats?

Replacement of fittings are not available for toilet seats with a lowering system.

If a replacement seat is required, please contact your retailer.
Where are the toilet seats for LAUFEN WCs available?

Please contact your specialist retailer.

What is the distance between the hinge holes of the WC toilet seat with cover?

The distance between the hinge holes complies with the European Standards (EN); this is 155 mm +/- 10 mm. Exceptions due to design are possible.

By when does the siphon in Lema 0-litre urinal (waterless) have to be replaced?

The siphon must be replaced after 5,000 to 8,000 uses or after six months at the very latest.

What can I do if small cracks are visible on the surface of a sanitary product?

Traces caused by contact with metal can often look like cracks.

They can be identified as cracks if they can be felt. Traces caused by metal contact can be removed with glass ceramic cleaner (i.e. detergent for ceramic cookers).
How high is the dimension tolerance for ceramics?

Dimension tolerance varies depending on the size of the product.

If you have a specific question, please contact our technical customer service on 01530 510007.

Tubs / Wellness

Do bathtubs always come with a frame?

Most acrylic bathtubs are supplied with a frame.

For the installation of the bathtub without a frame, we have matching bathtub feet and supports in our product range. Bathtubs with whirl systems always come with a frame. Matching bathtub feet are optionally available. For more informaton contact your specialist retailer.
Do bathtubs always include drain and overflow fittings?

The drain and overflow fittings are not included in delivery; they must be ordered separately. For bathtubs with whirl systems, they are always included and preassembled. As an extra option, we also offer drain and overflow fittings with a water inlet function.

Does the LAUFEN product range include bathtub supports?

Bathtub supports are available with Laufen bathtubs. Exceptions are IlBagnoAlessi One and IlBagnoAlessi dOt.

How are the power elements arranged in whirl bathtubs?

This information is contained in our technical catalogue and in the fitting instructions.

What are the advantages of an acrylic bathtub?

The advantages of an acrylic bathtub are:

- very good sound and heat insulation
- acryl is perceived as a warm material both physically and visually
- hygienic and easy to clean
- UV-resistant
- easy to work with and repair
- low weight
What is the best way to look after an acrylic bathtub?

The acrylic bathtub must be cleaned regularly using water and a soft cloth.

On occasion, a special acryl cleaner may be used. This prevents static charging of the bathtub. Heavy contamination can be removed with a liquid household detergent (please observe dilution instructions). Limescale marks can be eliminated with a limescale remover. It is important to rinse thoroughly with water. No acidic detergents, vinegar-based cleaners or scouring agents must be used.
What does the whirl bathtub do?

When we take a bath, a film of water surrounds the skin.

This film quickly cools down to the body’s temperature. The whirle effect means that the film of water is broken thus enabling quick and effective heat transfer.
What are the effects of whirling water?

The effect of the whirling water is:

-  tensions are eased more easily
-  increase in blood circulation in the tissue
-  relaxing effect on nerve fibres
-  relief of aches and pains
-  revitalisation of body and mind
-  exercise for the skin
How long should you spend in a whirl bathtub?

This varies from individual to individual.

We recommend a maximum of 20 minutes. The whirling effect puts an extra strain on the circulatory system.
Can any commonly availabile bath additives be used in whirlsystem bathtubs?

You should only used bath additives suitable for whirl system bathtubs. No foaming bath additives should be used.

How are whirl bathtubs disinfected?

In the electrically controlled whirl systems, disinfection is activated and automatically carried out through the control panel. For the pneumatic control, this occurs manually in accordance with the instructions on the disinfection bottle.

Are the whirl system bathtubs available with coloured lighting?

With electronically controlled whirl systems, lighting is optionally available.

Coloured lighting is currently available for the "mimo" model (with or without a whirl system).
How are whirl systems installed?

Bathtubs can be installed to suit individual needs.

We offer the following installation materials:

- bathtub feet
- bathtub anchor
- bathtub profile
- bathtub bars
- bathtub support (excluding IlBagnoAlessi One and IlBagnoAlessi dOt)

For whirl systems, a frame is always preassembled.
bathtubs with side panels must always be installed against a tiled wall and on a tiled floor, as the side panels do not fit otherwise.

What does residual water drainage mean?

The air channels have a slope for drainage. This means that when the water is drained, the air channels are emptied.

What does dry running protection mean?

The dry running protection prevents the forming of condensation on the pump and hence overheating when the bathtub is not full.

It is installed approximately 4-5 cm above the highest jet and activates the electric connection to the pump only if a sufficient water level has been reached.
Under what circumstances is a back flow valve necessary and what is its function?

A back flow valve must be installed as soon as the water inlet is in water. This is always pre-installed on whirl system bathtubs by the manufacturer.

This is the case, if the bathtub is filled, for example, via drain and overflow fittings with bathtub inlet function or hydro jets. The back flow valve prevents the dirty bath water from flowing back into the fresh water supply network if there is a defect of the water inlet function.
What is an ozoniser and what does it do?

The ozoniser cleans the air from bacteria and viruses.

For LAUFEN whirl bathtubs, an ozoniser is integrated in the hot-air blower as standard.


What is the best way to look after bathroom furniture and mirrors?

Surfaces should be cleaned regularly using a clean, dry or slightly damp cloth.

For tough staines such as limescale residue, hot water with a drop of non-abrasive washing-up liquid can be used.
The genuine wood surfaces must be dusted on a regular basis. A mild furniture polish may be used occasionally.
To avoid limescale marks, water residue should be removed. The best way to do this is to use a highly absorbent cloth to quickly dry the surfaces after use. 
Bathroom furniture with high-gloss finished surfaces should also be dried with a highly absorbent cloth. A non-abrasive car polish may be used for staines that are hard to remove, if necessary.
Do not use window cleaners for cleaning mirrors, as they can get into the mirror edges and stain the surrounding areas.
The best way to clean mirrors is to use a slightly damp microfibre cloth.
Please note: If you are unsure, try your cleaning method in an inconspicuous area first.
Is it possible to order customised furniture?

For more information, please contact your specialist dealer.


How long are items still available after withdrawal from the product range?

As the manufacturer, we guarantee that the same product will be available for a period of two years after delivery of the original product.

A comparable product is available for a maximum of five years after we announce its withdrawal from the product range.
How long is the guarantee given on sanitary products and furniture?

Our products are subject to general product liability.

The guarantee is limited to one year from delivery from the warehouse of the specialist dealer but no more than two years after delivery by the manufacturer. For issues relating to the damage or defect of an existing sanitary device, please contact your retailer.
Where are LAUFEN products available?

LAUFEN only supplies its products to specialised retailers.

What are the advantages purchasing LAUFEN products in specialised stores than in do-it-yourself shops?

The benefits of the quality products obtained via authorised dealers are numerous.

For example, you gain expert advice at the product displays, you get top-quality products and services as well as a guarantee that the product will be available for a specified period following withdrawal from the product range.
Does LAUFEN have another manufacturing plant in Switzerland?

LAUFEN has been manufacturing products in Laufen (Basel) since 1892. In 1925, the company decided to focus on the production of sanitary ceramics.

Who should I contact if I want to order an old seat?

For professional advice, please contact your specialist dealer.

Does Laufen Bathrooms AG offer custom-made products?

Custom-made products and reworking are possible under certain circumstances.

Please contact a specialist dealer for more information.


Reclamations sample content question?

Reclamations sample content answer

If you have a specific question, please contact our reclamations department.

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